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Bosch expertise – from development to series production

How Bosch is advancing the hydrogen economy

Wind and solar are two important mainstays in a sustainable energy transition. A third is hydrogen, which can be used to generate significant amounts of electricity that is need-based, decentralized, and totally carbon neutral. Our solutions: the PEM electrolysis stack and the SOFC fuel cell system.

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How we are making our hydrogen technologies a success

As a technology company, we unite key strengths that enable us to take the PEM electrolysis and SOFC system technology from the laboratory status to industrial series production.

Custom technologies, procedures, and synergies

Bosch is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of functional ceramics. Our expertise in this area is essential for the production of metal-reinforced solid oxide fuel cells. Layering metal with ceramic is an extremely sophisticated procedure that we have perfected. We can transfer the experiences and insights gained from the development and production of PEM fuel cells (proton exchange membrane) to our component and system development and the production of PEM electrolysis stacks to a great extent.

High-quality series production

Our company has had decades of experience with series production. At Bosch, short cycle periods come with maximum demands for quality. We apply this same principle when manufacturing the Bosch PEM electrolysis stack and the Bosch SOFC system in our factories. The market for electrolysis plants and components in particular is currently still dominated by custom-built and small-batch products. We will be offering high-quality, scalable series products – of course, in the usual Bosch quality.

Connected teamwork

As part of a leading global provider of technology and services, we are supported by expertise in the fields of energy and building technology, mobility solutions, industrial technology, and consumer goods. This cross-disciplinary expertise is a valuable asset for manufacturing our electrolysis components and fuel cell systems.

International presence

The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its 440 subsidiary and regional companies in about 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, our global manufacturing, development, and sales network covers almost every country in the world. We also bring these strengths to our hydrogen technologies. Our factory in Bamberg is the main factory for the central components of the hydrogen technologies. The existing expertise can be transferred to Bosch locations throughout the globe.

Long-term sustainability strategy

With more than 400 locations worldwide, Bosch has already been carbon neutral since spring of 2020. But we’re not content to rest on our laurels. At Bosch we practice sustainability while constantly seeking to improve. The foundation of our strategy is the “New Dimensions – Sustainability 2025” target vision, which also applies to the manufacture of technologies for a sustainable energy transition.

Pioneering AIoT solutions

At Bosch, our focus is on combining the Internet of Things (IoT) with artificial intelligence (AI), meaning that solutions like the SOFC system and the PEM electrolysis stack are not just connected – they are intelligently connected. Their development or operation is based on data, they are integrated into existing ecosystems, and continually being optimized for the benefit of our customers.

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