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Our fuel cell system as a reliable and efficient source of energy for industrial and commercial use

Bosch SOFC fuel cell system for industrial and commercial use

Internationally, the industrial sector is responsible for about 42 percent of power consumption (IEA, 2021). It is therefore all the more important for individual industrial companies to find a safe and highly efficient energy source that is fit for the future. Our modular Bosch SOFC fuel cell system provides the necessary means. As a decentralized system, it can be installed anywhere energy is needed. It is available in power classes from 100 kilowatts to the megawatt range. It is a worthwhile investment – especially when it comes to overall operational costs. What’s more, when run on green hydrogen, the energy generation may even be carbon-neutral. The fuel-flexible SOFC system can already be operated using biomethane or natural gas. Our pilot systems have shown that the Bosch fuel cell system already achieves emissions figures significantly below those associated with conventional energy converters. This means it is good for the environment, too – which is exactly our goal. Is it yours, too?

Increasing need for electrically operated systems

In addition to the mobility sector, production and manufacturing workshops are increasingly switching to electrically operated systems and machinery. After all, efficiency and sustainability will need to go hand in hand in the factories of the future. What’s more, electrical energy can be provided much more cost-effectively than the compressed air that has traditionally been used to get many things moving. When more electrical energy is needed, existing energy grids can start to creak under the strain. This is because a gap opens up between the energy required and the energy available. Our decentralized SOFC fuel cell system can close this gap – locally and on site – providing additional stability for production and also for the grids. And that’s not all. The electrochemical energy generation process produces high-temperature waste heat as a by-product that can be used for heating or cooling purposes. This is an important aspect, because it further boosts the cost-effectiveness of our SOFC system significantly.

Up to 90 percent

The overall efficiency rate achieved by the SOFC system at beginning of life when heat and power are used

Sustainable electricity all along the line

The key to the future for business and society as a whole is to generate power without causing emissions. The solution for this is to be found not only in the already familiar renewable energies such as solar and wind, but increasingly also in hydrogen – including, and especially, for industry. This is where the SOFC fuel cell system from Bosch comes in. Developed for the future, it is already available as a pilot system. It could potentially be run on hydrogen in the future, but can use natural gas or biomethane as an energy source at any time. We are confident that fuel cell technology will play a major role in the energy sector, since 85 percent of all emissions relate to energy.

Illustration: An SOFC system producing electricity and heat for production operations in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.
Industrial and commercial companies pose particular challenges when it comes to energy supply. The Bosch fuel cell system can rise to these, providing an environmentally friendly way of generating heat and power efficiently and cost-effectively.

Heating and cooling

An added bonus of the SOFC system is its potential for heat extraction. The housings of the individual units hide several hundred cells arranged in stacks. These are the very heart of the system. The electrochemical reaction inside creates hot exhaust air (>200°C). This can be extracted from the SOFC system using an exhaust air heat exchanger and then fed into a heating circuit. The waste heat can be used to heat neighboring buildings, or service water, or it can be fed into a district heating network. Alternatively, it can also be converted using absorption chillers and utilized for process cooling.

Our SOFC system – tailor-made for industrial and commercial use

The industrial and commercial sectors pose a very specific challenge when it comes to electricity supply. The SOFC system from Bosch, with its 100 kW output that can be scaled as required, is able to rise to this challenge. It is currently still a pilot system, but will enter series production in the future. Incidentally, the SOFC system in the Wernau plant is the first of its kind from Bosch and combines the SOFC units and all the key auxiliary equipment and systems to form a prefabricated, plug-&-play pilot solution.


Bosch SOFC contact discussion at trade fair

Would you like to use the Bosch SOFC system in your factory?

The Bosch SOFC system is currently in the pilot phase. All technical specifications given are development objectives and refer to the beginning of life.

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